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Default, by Jim Lansdale, Jim Long, Bill Sanborn, Jim Eyerdom, Grant Goodale, et. al.

This Japanese oriented website can be found at:

I include it here on LWAG because it has information on German aircraft that made it to Japan and what information it has on jet and rocket aircraft because of the close familiality with German developments.

Sections of interest are:


The Library - Charles Metz has prepared an extensive bibliography. Here are 3 selected works from his list:

Berliner: 'World War Two Jet Fighters' (Kalmbach [USA], 1982; 72 pages; approximate value US$15 [out of print])

Mikesh: 'Kikka' (Monogram Close-Up series, No. 19; Monogram Aviation Publications [USA], 1979; 32 pages; approximate value US$20 [out of print])
------: 'Experimental Twin Engine Fighters Ki-83, Ki-96, Ki-102, and Ki-108' (Famous Airplanes of the World (1) series, No. 94; Bunrin-Do [Japan], 1978; in Japanese; 66 pages; approximate value US$5 [out of print])

Message Boards

Ed West on 12 O'Clock High! provided the following lead:

"Ed West
Photo Japanese a/c similar to Me 163
Sun Apr 11, 2004 05:01


Oddly, in running through several forums and using the search engine, this was about the only entry on jet and rocket aircraft I could get to come up.

Real Aircraft Photos


J8M1 Shusui - Planes of Fame - 3 photos
J8M1 Shusui - J8M1/403 - 9 photos
Kikka - NASM/Garber - 4 photos
Ohka - Various - 9 photos
Ohka - Cosford Museum - 47 photos
MXY7 Ohka - Various - 13 photos
MXY7 Ohka - Yasakuni - 9 photos
MXY7-K1 Ohka - Air Force Museum - 20 photos

Book Reviews

Black Crosses And Red Stars - 1 review
Japanese Aircraft Interiors 1941-1945 - 2 reviews

Satellite Sites

Hikoki: 1946 - See the topic "Hikoki: 1946, by Edwin M. Dyer, III" on the "Useful Websites" forums for a description of this satellite site.

Captured J-Aircraft

Captured Message Board - Commentaries on Me 109, Fw 190, He 162, & Me 210

Tested by

Me 109

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