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Old 01-16-2004, 12:16 PM
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Default The Me 262 and the Race to Mach 1, by Guido Mutke

Hosted by Bert Hartmann's website, this site is devoted to the controversial topic as to whether Guido Mutke actually broke the sound barrier when flying an Me 262. The site address is:

The sections of the site are:

The quest for speed - Briefly covers Chuck Yeager's breaking the sound barrier flight on 14 Oct. 1947 in the Bell XS-1.

Who was Really the First? - Fairly lengthy discussion of others that might have broken the sound barrier prior to Yeager's official flight.

Supersonic Flight on 9 April 1945 - Description of Mutke's own claim to having broken the sound barrier in an Me 262.

Me 262 Handbook - A statement on page 13 from the Air Materiel Command Me 262 A-1 Pilot's Handbook, F-SU-111-ND, dated 10 January 1946, is used as evidence that supersonic flight had been achieved by the Me 262.

Summary - Summary of arguments supporting the case for the Me 262 being able to exceed the speed of sound. Literature references are cited.

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