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Old 04-25-2003, 01:50 AM
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Default AFHRA List of Captured German Documents Circulated by ADI(K) Air Ministry

The following comes from email communications from Larry deZeng:

"From 1943 to 1947, A.I.12/British Air Ministry, a branch that was jointly staffed by RAF and USAAF personnel and was concerned with captured Luftwaffe documents, produced a mimeographed catalog of all captured Luftwaffe documentation and manuals covering all subjects from technical to operational to administrative. One or two were published most weeks and each catalog ran anywhere from 6 or 8 pages up to 35 to 40 pages, all dependent on have many documents were captured and catalogued that week. IIRC, the catalogs are numbered 1 to around 204 and appear on a single roll of 16mm microfilm from AFHRA Maxwell under decimal 512.619B-37 to 512.619B-43, microfilm roll number A5406. The total frame count is about 1,450, each of those being a page, of course. IIRC, again, a few of the catalogs are missing, but I think these only amount to 5 or 6. The entries are a mix of German and English, as the Allied cataloguers made somewhat of an effort to translate titles where possible. These catalogs are about as close to a complete listing of all Luftwaffe documents captured as one could find and list far more than do the NARA Guides for Record Groups 321, 405 and 971. They also contain a good 95% or so of all the Luftwaffe documents at BA-MA Freiburg."

At my request, Larry found and provided the catalog sourcing information:

"The full title of that catalog I mentioned is:

"ADI(K) Document List No __/(year)
List of Captured German Documents Circulated by ADI(K) Air Ministry"

This was later shortened to: "List of Captured German Documents Circulated".

They are numbered from No. 1 (Oct 44) to No. 201 (29 May 46).

The AFHRA roll number is A5406, frames 582 to 1692 (total of 1,110 frames)."

Thank you Larry, this is very important information.

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