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Old 12-29-2002, 08:12 PM
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Default Maik's Imperium - Maik Swoboda's Welt im Web

From 12 O'Clock High!:

Original Documents on the He 219
Sat Nov 9 07:04:21 2002


some surprising information can be found at this site
if you read German.

The author has transcribed original, official WW2 documents for the Go 229,
He 280, and He 219, and published them on the web.

To mention a few details:

allegedly, the He 219 required less man-hours to make than even
the He 111. Had the Jumo 222 materialized, Heinkel would have
produced He 219 versions with a 4 men crew - the fourth member
was to be a gunner in a tail turret with 4 MG 131.

Unlike what Cpt. Eric Brown experienced, at least some models
of the He 219 had power enough to overshoot with one engine
out, gear down, and flaps deployed?!

OTOH, there is a document that states that a Me 110 without
paint and guns was only 10 km/h slower than a He 219 without
flame dampers. Not sure what to make of that.

Maybe Heinkel was pushing its latest creation a bit?
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Old 12-29-2002, 08:13 PM
Richard T Eger Richard T Eger is offline
Join Date: Jun 2000
Location: Seaford, DE, U.S.A.
Posts: 23,700

Sections of Luftwaffe interest on Maik's site are:

Modellbau (Scale Modeling) - Numerous color photos highlight Maik's excellent models of:

Fl 282 "Kolibri"
FW 190 A-8/R-11
He 111 H-4 / H-6
He 162 "Salamander" / "Volksjäger"
He 280
Ju 188 E-1
Bf 110 G-4
Me 163 "Komet
Me 262 A2a/U2 "Schwalbe" - Schnellbomber

Gloster Meteor

Maik also provides modeling tips (in German).

AEROS - Flugzeughistorie (Aviation History)

Texts from original documents from the WW II era - Introduction provided in both German and English. Texts are transcriptions in German from original German documents. Maik has added commentary in color.

He 219 "Uhu"

He 219 V 1 - Ju 188 Vergleichsfliegen in Rechlin am 25./26.3.1943
30.4.1943 - Rumpfverlängerung
18.5.1943 - Beschußversuche
12.6.1943 - Ersteinsatz
15.10.1943 - Flugversuche mit Turboluftstrahlturbine (BMW 003)
Mai 1944 - Baureihenübersicht

He 280 - Maik has also provided introductory comments.

He 280 Udet "fanatisch" 20.10.1939
He 280 Erster Flugbericht 2.9.1940
He 280 Erste Verzögerung durch Triebwerke 20.10.1940
He 280 Erprobungsprogramm 1. bis 8. Flug 20.11.1940
He 280 Planung vom 15.11.1940
He 280 Udet drängt auf Abschluß der Versuche 11.7.1941
He 280 Triebwerkserprobung 2.11.1942
He 280 Lagebesprechung 18.11.1942
He 280 Verbesserungen 11.12.1942
He 280 Vor der Entscheidung 1.3.1943
He 280 Die Entscheidung 27.3.1943
He 280 Weitere Erprobung V 7 im April 1943

Go 229

Go 229 Vorläufige Baubeschreibung 22.11.1944 - Includes 12 detailed drawings.

The (almost) complete database on ALL aircraft of WW II ! - The introduction to the data base is in both German and English. Still under construction, Maik's listing appears to be only by aircraft type and variant at the current time, as I could not find an entry with any additional information for Luftwaffe aircraft.

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