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Old 04-20-2001, 04:30 AM
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New additions at the ECPA (Etablissement Cinématographique et photographique des Armées) located at Fort d'Ivry just beside Paris.

Six new albums of photographs taken by Luftwaffe Propagnada Kompanies are available at the ECPA for review. I have estimated that less than 10% show aircraft, but some of them are remarkable.

For example here are some of the new additions.

Hs 126 3052
DFS230 :LC 1-54 W.Nr 344
DFS230 : LC1-46
Me 323 : DT+IH Tactical mkgs X1H
JU 87 : H4+AX (tropical markings)
JU 87 : H4+BX
Gotha Glider :2-12 , W.Nr ? 009
He111 : F7+BE
DFS230: 2-1 W.Nr ? 011
He111Z : DN+T7
HE111 : RD+ZO
DFS230 : LC 1-42
DFS230 : LC 1-45
Gotha Glider : 413
DFS230 : LC1-43
DFS230 : LC 1-6

In the next two forthcoming albums available soon you will find an air to air AVIA B534 towing a glider !

These photographs were taken in different places, such as the south of France, North Africa, Amiens, Norway, and Italy.

To help the researcher, maps were included when the places were identified. There are a lot of exercises with Fallschirm Korps. The year seems to be 1943. This year was not often covered as well by the ECPA as by the BA. Maybe in future years we will be able to fill some of these gaps with a lot of Bf 109 and Fw 190 photos taken on the western front ! Is this a dream ????


Bertrand H
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