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Old 07-20-2011, 11:57 PM
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Default Document Needed Regarding Ramming Bombers

I need some help! I know of the existence of a recommendation made by Galland, but have not yet been able to track it down. I have written to Maxwell AFB and Bolling AFB, but they were unable to locate it even though it is listed among their document inventory. Here's what I can tell you about it:

On 14 July 1944, Galland issued Vorläufige Kampfanweisung für Sturm-Jagdgruppen: Vorschläge zur Bekämpfung von viermotorigen Kampfflugzeugen durch Rammen (Provisional Procedures for Assault Fighter Groups: Recommendations for Combating Four-engine Bombers by Ramming). This directive was included in a secret training manual issued by the Höheres Kommando der Luftkriegsschulen und Unteroffizierschulen (Higher Command of Air Warfare Schools and N.C.O. Schools) from 9 October 1944 entitled Mitteilungen für den Lufttaktiklehrer (Information for Tactic Instructors), which included four full-page diagrams of recommended ramming procedures.

I am sure that a copy of it exists in some archive other than Maxwell and Bolling. Does anyone perhaps have a copy of this recommendation or have any suggestion on how I might obtain it? Any help would be greatly appreciated; additionally, I will give the person who finds it for me credit in my upcoming book.

Barry Smith
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