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Old 10-15-2007, 04:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Richard T Eger View Post
From TOCH!:

It's probably Gottfried Schneider, who survived the war with 20 victories.

I have 13 victories for an Uffz Schneider with 3./NJG 3 from march to 13th August 1944, then 5 victories for a Fw. Schneider on 26 and 30 August with 1./NJG 3. I guess it was the same man, as there are no other known ace named Schneider in NJG 3 (AFAIK) but the more I learn about Luftwaffe, the more aces I discover so I'm less sure than I was some time ago.

I am trying to find more about this man. It may well be he is (was - he passed away about a year ago) my maternal grandfather. Maddeningly, either for lack of interest or a form of post-war denial, my mother never spoke to me about her father's war record (*) and I only met him twice in my life, as I live in Australia.


(*) except that he was a pilot and had the rank of Feldwebel.
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