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Old 10-10-2001, 06:50 PM
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Email from Larry deZeng
Re: Artie Bob
Wed Sep 5, 2001

Richard -

Yes, there were several microfilming operations in Paris, but these
were mainly concerned with filming selected documentary material needed for
the Nürnberg Trials before this material was shipped to London and/or the
U.S. for permanent processing as prescribed by regulations and agreements.
In other words, the filming done in Paris was a stop-gap measure selectively
applied. Some of what was filmed there was later refilmed in London.
According to the record, the so-called "Paris Documents" were relatively few
in number and generally at the command level.
Best, (Larry)

(There was a bit of disagreement in my emails between Artie Bob and Larry deZeng regarding what was microfilmed in Paris. In the end, Larry said that what he and Artie Bob were looking for were different things, Artie Bob being more interested in the technical material and, therefore, Larry may not have paid much attention to what there may have been of this in the microfilms that he looked at.)

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