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Old 05-13-2004, 02:23 PM
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From TOCH!:

Andreas Brekken
[email protected]
Relational or not relational - that is the question!
Wed May 5, 2004 10:10

Hi, guys...

Interesting how this question turns up from time to time.

I guess You all have come to the point where the Excel spreadsheet approach and the table in a word document approach simply does not work anymore.

Developing a full blown relational database for this kind of stuff take some knowledge and a bit of work.

I have been doing this now for some years - my drive to do it being that I have a LOT of Luftwaffe documentation in various forms, and do not like to use a lot of time to search for information - also I hate to enter the same information into a computer more than once....

The best choice for this kind of information is ANY relational database.

The choice depends on what You are going to use the information for later on.

I have built a MS SQL database, the main reason being that it is what I now use professionally, and the fact that a MS SQL server are very friendly towards ASP driven webpages.... also - as seen below, I am aiming towards using the database online, where an MS Access database which is a good alternative for low user number applications simply will not work well with a heavy load.

As some of You know, and some have seen the first build of it, I am launching my (what was to be a Luftwaffe losses database but has grown to be a pilot database, war diary, claims database and photo archive....) online system in June of 2004.

I am currently quite busy with this, and my other business (I have to earn some money and try to take care of my loved ones now and then....), but if anyone would like further info on the topic and how I went about it - pls contact me by mail.

Regards from Norway,
Andreas Brekken
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