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Old 05-09-2003, 12:18 PM
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From TOCH!:

Tue Apr 8 22:10:31 2003

Several thoughts arise from reading this string of comments. I wonder if any of those of us commenting have ever seen NARA'a budget and more specifically the part related to Archives (not "records administration" an entirely different function). I wonder how it compares to budgets of other major countries that have similar facilities. If you've ever visited Archives II at College Park, Maryland you can't help but be impressed with the size of the building as well as its well-lit textual records room and other facilities (this is not the building with the primary geneolical material). Perhaps the money went to building this huge facility! The building is dedicated to the local Congressman who no doubt obtained the funds needed to build it.

As Government agencies go NARA is no worse than most and does a pretty decent job from what I can tell.

Finally, NARA is far from the last answer for folks interested in military history in the U.S. Each of the military services has a history program and provide access to a substantial amount of information on-line.


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