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Old 04-10-2003, 11:48 AM
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From TOCH!:

Ferdinando D'Amico
Speaking of raising blood pressure...
Thu Feb 27 15:35:49 2003

...why not speak of the photographic material at the ECPA (Paris), the "other" half of the Bundesarchiv stuff, with a few thousands rolls of Heer, Marine and Luftwaffe 1940-44 negatives not yet printed, both for the scarce money and personnel and because their priority is certainly not the highest (euphemism). One or two new albums (about 200 new photographs) have been realized per year in the recent past, but there are hundreds waiting...

And what about the Photographic Branch of the Italian Air Force (Rome), where in the past ten years have been "lost" all the albums containing b/w contact prints of the negatives (and also Agfacolor film) of the Regia Aeronautica, mainly for the 1942-43 period...? The nice "Catch 22" consequence is that, even if you have obtained in the past copy of one photograph, or even if you know perfectly what photograph to ask for, you can't have it, simply because there is no more reference to it...

Talk about blood pressure raising...

HTH, all the best

Ferdinando D'Amico
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