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Old 04-10-2003, 11:43 AM
Richard T Eger Richard T Eger is offline
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From within a thread on 12 O'Clock High!:

Frank Raeman MSM
"Missing" material
Thu Feb 27 16:36:35 2024

Hi guys,

You touched an item which is very sensible for me too. As an amateur air force enthousiast (jerk or stupid guy) like most of the "normal" people cal me, I have the same problems. I work at the Belgian Military Archives and it is just a bloody shame to see what is happening with all that precious material. Like the Dutch AF person said, it is true that a lot of units destroy their archives because 95% of all people is not history minded and only thinks of the archives a a heavy weight on their shoulders. Since the time I have been working at the archives, I discovered a lot of treasures which I even inventorised in my free time because I'm quite well aware that no-one will ever do it otherwise. You also cannot imagime what the "dedication)" of some people, placedion the right spot in the archives all over the world is. They just are there to earn their salary and what ever they have to do more, is way too much. Or the other socalled "amateur" air freaks which hide their information for themselves because they do not want to shair it with others, only to see them destroyed when they pass away. Then also, before I forget them, there are also the thiefs (yes I call them like that because they are) who just take the documents with them to keep them for themselves or sell them (a lot can be seen on EBay). It just gives me the creaps to see what incompetent persons are in charge of the historical section (no specific country pin pointed but examples enough) dare to state that they only have to answer to questions from their own armed forces and not of private persons, weather they are from their own or another country. It is about time that every country takes some serious measurements to safe guard their history because otherwise withing several years, nothing much will be left for us and our future successors.

I'm terribly sorry if this sounds rude but it is the truth and some one has to take action before all is lost or sold.

Kind regards to all you great guys,


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