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From TOCH!:

Sergio Luis dos Santos
Book is still under preparation...
Thu Aug 16 12:33:58 2001

And yes, it covers the one at Museu Aeroespacial. I have sent several images from this bird, since discovery till the presentation ceremony to Lynn Ritger. I hope heīll post soon in Detail Site a page on the Weihe. Pricing? Donīt know yet. Taking as basis the book on FAB in WWII, Italy, which cost R$ 25,00. (around US$ 10.00)but canīt be sure. The page has no English text but the above book is bilingual and I was told by Sandro all books are expected to be bilingual. Another writer, Luciano Barbosa, has done interesting books too. (he authored Adlerīs first title and wrote another and published by himself. See Iīm always happy when people I know wins a hard battle and put in reallity their dreams...

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