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From TOH!:

Sergio Luis dos Santos
Re: Re. Museu Asas de um Sonho - Eductam
Sat Nov 25 15:24:12 2000

The "Museu Aseas de Um Sonho" is a privately held museum from TAM Brazilian Airline owner and his brother. The planes are stored in two cities in São Paulo (all in
flyable condition). The building had his project presented early this year and will be a giant sized Santos Dumont's 14 Bis replica !!! See the "O Biplano" Janeiro 2000 on
the links I posted. Among the large collection they have a F4U Corsair, P 51 Mustang, a Photo reccon Spirtifre, an original Argentinean build Focke-Wulf 44, a Polish RWD
(forget the model but is the only one in the world). There are one or two more also unique planes. They also hope to get some jets like the Mig. It appears that in 2001 the
Brasil will be proudly to have two incredible collection of planes, one in Museu Aeroespacial, Rio de Janeiro and other one in Museu Asas de Um Sonho in São Paulo. Also
talking about rare planes, the "Jahú" a Savoia Marchett S-55 plane is being fully restored too.
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