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From TOCH!:

Mark Huxtable
Great site
Tue Nov 30, 2004 00:06

Wonderful stuff Nick:

Just one note - re the below:

"Note: the Ghost Bombers account of the loss of Mosquito A-Apple refers to Wilmer both as a DFM (awarded to non-commissioned personnel) and a DFC (reserved for officers), a discrepancy overlooked by the author at the time. The wartime records of Both 600 and 256 Squadrons refer to a DFM. The RAF Air Historical Branch's letter to NB, quoted in the text, speaks of a DFC."

Is the question whether Wilmer was ever non-commissioned? If not, there's really no discrepancy there at all - plenty of DFM winners were later awarded a DFC after receiving their commission. They retained both awards.

Sorry if this is already known to you - thought I'd mention it, just in case...


Mark Huxtable
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