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Default Ghost Bombers, by Nick Beale

From 12 O'Clock High!:

Nick Beale is now live
Mon Nov 29, 2004 13:34

I finally got my website published. It's all Luftwaffe related material that I didn't have an outlet for elsewhere:

There's a lot to read there now and more to come as and when I finish it (no deadlines, this is supposed to be fun, not a job!)

(Taking directly from Nick's site, here is his overview:

"The original idea was to publish corrections, updates and additions to my book "Ghost Bombers: The Moonlight War of NSG 9."

You'll find those here ( ) but these pages are also an outlet for pieces of research I've done on the air war 1939-45 that aren't the right length for a book or a magazine article; and for anything else that interests me. "

The various sections are:

Ghost Bombers: The Moonlight War of NSG 9 - Errata and additions to the book.

Operation Dragoon: August 1944 - Extensive article.

Sonderstaffel Kaatsch: August-October 1944 - Article.

I./JG 2 in Italy: February-April 1944 - Under construction.

Bf 109G-14/AS versus Fw 190 A-9 - Comparison based on 2 ULTRA reports.

Markings and camouflage - Commentaries based primarily on numerous ULTRA reports.

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