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From within a thread on 12 O'Clock High!:

J.L.Santos Junior
Brazilians Fw200
Wed Jul 7, 2004 04:19

Hi Johann.
As a matter of fact, Brazilian Navy had signed an agreement with Fock Wulf in late 30's to build four models in a new and modern facility that was known as Fįbrica do Galećo (Galećo Navy Works":
Fw44 = 40 examples built, plus a plane used as reference model.
Fw56 = None built. Brazilian Navy was pressed by the time. War had begun in Europe and Brazil rushed to establish a full operational aircraft industry. So this step was jumped. One plane left in Rio de Janeiro as reference plane. This plane was scraped and it's remains bought by a German pilot and sent to germany.
Fw58 = 25 examples built in two batchs (10+15) plus a plane left in Rio de Janeiro as reference plane. Later Brazilian Air Force used 2 ex-Syndicato Condor planes. One model (Fw58KL-2) is now in exhibition in BAF Museum.
Fw200 = I believe that this particular plane played a fundamental role in Brazil X EUA X Germany diplomacy game in the WW II early years', even if it wasn't built. In a possible scenario with Brazil aligned with Germany and Italy (Two larger immigrant colonies in South America and the most prosperous and industrialized Brazilian part), the amazing range of Fw200 could put at risk all Allies naval operations in South Atlantic if they could be flown from Northern coast and Fernando de Noronha Is. (One of "four World corners" as said by Winston Churchill). Indeed, Syndicato Condor Fw200 were ordered to fly 100 nm distant from shore line in order to prevent to search for Allies convoys. Fw200's crews were all German. Late a BAF official was to be on board of every Fw200 flight. In my opinion, the possibility of Brazil build the Fw200 was one of the facts that pressed the Allies to force Brazil to "choice a side to play".
Sadly, there's no specialized book about Fw200 here in Brazil, but we have some good magazine articles. This site has a excellent photo of PP-CBJ and data about Syndicato Condor Fw200.

The fate of Brazilian Condors:
PP-CBI Abaitarį WNr:2996 = Scraped after a ground collision with a DC3 in Santos Dumont Airport.
PP-CBJ Arumani WNr:2995 = Sold to scrapyard in 1947.
Recently a got a rare photo of arrival of CBI in Santos Dumont airport after its Atlantic crossing from a retired VARIG Air Lines' captain who his father had flown Fw200. I'll contact him and and ask for some more information.
Sorry for talking so much and all the best
J.L.Santos Junior
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
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