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The following information is in references to the website The Hanns Klemm Homepage, by Horst Zoeller.

From within a thread on 12 O'Clock High!:

Tony Jones
Re: H. Klemm Homepage & Horst Zoeller
Wed Mar 24 19:25:30 2004

Go to

When into the site go down to "German Aviation History" click on this and then select Klemm

(Per Tony's guidance, this site is found through first going to Horst Zoeller's "The Hugo Junkers Homepage" site. The site appears to be of 1998 vintage and doesn't appear to have been updated since. The Homepage notes the following site contents:


Hanns Klemm's Biography

Development of Klemm Flugzeugbau

Who is who at Klemm?

Klemm Aircraft Types - very detailed listing with histories and technical data

Remaining Klemm Aircraft - listing of remaining Klemm aircraft in:

- Germany
- Austria
- Luxembourg
- England
- Iceland
- Finland
- Australia
- Sweden
- Denmark
- Netherlands
- Switzerland
- Portugal

Links to other servers

Klemm Literature + Books

Links to Klemm related Pages

Klemm KL107 Hompage (photos of remaining KL107 aircraft)

Klemm Books & References - reference to 3 books

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