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From 12 O'Clock High!:

Tom Davis
[email protected]
Bf 109 E-1 in India
Fri Aug 29 19:05:25 2003

Here's a translation of an article that appeared in a German newspaper:
Shortly before its planned scrapping, in southern India a rare BF 109 E-1 with Werknummer 4034 could be saved. A British collector has bought the machine and wants to restore it in England with an also available DB 601-engine to an airworthy condition. The fighter built in 1939 at Focke-Wulf in Bremen still bears remains of its original camouflage painting. Probably it belonged to 8./JG53 and was flown by Xavier Ray. He had to perform an emergency landing on 2. November 1940 near Lower Hardres on British territory. The plane was shipped to India, probably as a technical piece of exhibition. Only in 1996 the rare specimen was recognized by an aviation engineer and so rediscovered. At the moment there is only one single airworthy Bf 109 E.

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