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Conversation Between Richard T Eger and Eckhard Sternberg
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  1. Eckhard Sternberg
    02-16-2010 07:02 PM
    Eckhard Sternberg

    thanks for your mail, but my test failed again... what about, if we communicate via Manfred?
    But then, I need his E-Mail adress.

    Best regards,

  2. Eckhard Sternberg
    02-11-2010 05:52 PM
    Eckhard Sternberg
    Dear Richard,

    I`ve tried more than five times to send you a mail with documents for Manfred and I always got this information:

    SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<>:
    host []: 550-Your message was rejected by this user and was not delivered.
    550-Reason: This system uses BMS to check your IP address reputation, and was rejected by the user. IP=[]
    550-Protection provided by: MagicMail version 1.2.2 (
    550-For more information, please visit the URL:
    550 or contact your ISP or mail server operator.

    Is there anything we can do???

    Best regards,


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