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Conversation Between Richard T Eger and Terry Maker
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  1. Terry Maker
    11-22-2009 12:09 PM
    Terry Maker
    Hi Richard

    I am contacting you first on this as a courtesy as I did not want to post this as a message, , and would ask you to approve it, if you have no objections. (sorry this is brief, the original message didn't fit the 1000 chrs limit)


    Hi all,

    As some of you may be aware. I searched for information on W-William.

    Whilst my personal search is now almost over, there are others, in similar circumstances, researching their history. There is literally NO, forum for that period in R.A.F.-S.O.E. history.

    I decided to fill that particular niche. The need is to keep the history alive, and as that generation passes, the living history is dying with them.

    The invitation is open to all having an interest, to visit, and hopefully, join the group OPERATION: Dark of the Moon at:

    The group is currently still under construction.


    Terry Maker

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