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Jack Waterfall 06-20-2010 11:10 AM

My uncle, Sgt J.H.Waterfall DFM, was killed in action on a bombing mission over North Western Germany in July 1940.


Airborne 2200 6Jul40 from Feltwell. Last heard on W/T at 0055 7Jul40 and plotted SW of Borkum. All are buried in Sage War Cemetery, Oldenburg. Sgt Waterfall's DFM was Gazetted 17May40. F/O D.W.Lindsay KIA P/O R.A.A.Ball KIA Sgt A.Aitken KIA Sgt J.H.Waterfall DFM KIA Sgt A.Glen KIA The War Diary of the Upjever Luftwaffe Base it states that this Wellington did a low level attack at 0220 7Jul40. Down as low as 150 ft the aircraft was hit my machine gun and 2cm AA fire. "

6th-7th July.óNine Wellingtons attacked objectives at Bremen and Emden,
the Brunsbuttel entrance to the Kiel Canal, and the seaplane base at Norderney.

70 years on, I am researching my uncle's fate and wish to visit the area where he crashed. I understand the remains of the crew were not found until much later, prior to being interned at Sage War Cemetery.

I have seen a reference to this incident posted on the Crashplace website logged on 07.09.2007 15:48, but have been unable to follow that lead due to my lack of IT capability.

Information detailing the exact crash site, the immediate aftermath and any subsequent recovery of wreckage would be very welcome.

Thank you in advance.

Jack Waterfall

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