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Ross Flight 08-16-2009 07:32 AM

Szombathley Raid October 1944
Hello everyone,

I am researching my father's last mission over Szombathely, Hungary 1944.
His full name: Norman William Flight. He was a Sergeant pilot, service number: 1583297.
He flew for 104 Squadron, which was part of 205 Group RAF. The date of the raid on Szombathely was 20/21 October 1944. I know for certain that his Wellington, serial LP501U, was shot down this night. My father and his crew baled out safely. My father was arrested by an Hungarian policeman and then handed onto the Germans. He was then eventually sent to Stalag XXIb where he spent the rest of the war.
There is a possibility that the Luftwaffe pilot who shot him down may have been Oblt. Josef Kraft, as records of his kills for that night match very well.
All I know about my dad's crew was that one of them was possibly called 'Ellis'. I have no record of the names of the others so far.
The reason for this post is to ask the experts on this forum if there would be anything in Hungarian/German records that would record this particular event. For example, would have the Hungarian policeman filed a report? Would there be a German or Gestapo record of the capture of my father? My father related to me that he was interviewed by the Gestapo to start with and put into solitary confinement, where he spent his 21st birthday on the 25th October. I'm sure he mentioned the amusement it caused with the mention of his surname to the interviewer. Even to the extent of there being a report of the location of the wreckage, probably somewhere around Szombathely, (which the Germans called Steinamanger)? It would be great to even travel to Hungary to visit the site, if it is ever identified.
I would be grateful for any assistance.

Best regards,
Ross Flight

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