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Richard T Eger 03-10-2003 11:53 AM

Museums with Luftwaffe aircraft - 2
From 12 O'Clock High!:

Paulo Dario
Vienna LW-related places
Mon Jan 20 11:22:29 2003

I'm gonna spend a couple of days at Vienna.
Any Luftwaffe related place recomended(museum, etc...) ?
Thanks in advance

Richard T Eger 03-10-2003 11:54 AM

From TOCH!:

Nick Beale
Mon Jan 20 13:07:58 2003

I haven't been there since 1969 but I vividly remember the huge flak towers standing out on the skyline whenever you could get a view across the city.

I think there is actually a website dealing with these and other similar structures in Austria but I don't have the address any longer.

I was in Salzburg last May and noticed a few books in (non-specialist) shops about the city in wartime, so maybe local authors have done the same for Vienna.

There was no sign of JV 44 at Salzburg-Maxglan when we drove past the perimeter, I'm afraid!

Richard T Eger 03-10-2003 11:55 AM

From TOCH!:

Erich Brown
Flak site
Mon Jan 20 17:55:58 2003

Nick, the towers are still there.....;-)

nice forum board as well....


Richard T Eger 03-10-2003 11:55 AM

From TOCH!:

Simon Schatz
[email protected]
Please contact me!
Mon Jan 20 16:22:14 2003

Hi Dario!

Please contact me offboard! I´m from Vienna and can tell you some good places to visit!

Greetings, Simon

Richard T Eger 03-10-2003 11:56 AM

From TOCH!:

Peter K.
Tue Jan 21 22:44:23 2003

I would highly recommend the "Heeresgeschichtliche Museum" at Vienna - you could see a Fieseler Fi 156 "Storch", a 8,8 cm Flak, etc ....

Greetings from Austria

Peter K.

Richard T Eger 06-13-2003 02:00 PM

The Messerschmitt Bf 109 website by Andreas Goldmann covers the history of Prof. Messerschmitt; the Me 109 history, variants, armament, engines, and aces who flew the Me 109; and Spanish volunteers. There is a nice photo gallery, including photos of preserved aircraft. A listing of existing Bf 109 with short histories is provided along with some photos. The site address is:

Sections of interest are:

The Constructor: Professor Willi Messerschmitt - Short history of Messerschmitt and his company through WW II and beyond.

The Development of the Me 109 - Short history.

The "Me 109" Versions - Brief technical data and photos of:

Bf 109 A
Bf 109 B "Berta"
Bf 109 C "Cäsar"
Bf 109 D "Dora"
Bf 109 E "Emil"
BF 109 F "Friedrich"
Bf 109 G "Gustav"
Bf 109 H
Bf 109 K
Bf 109 T

The Engines of the "Me 109" - Brief descriptions of the engines and the variants they were used in:

Junkers Jumo 210
Daimler-Benz DB 600
Daimler-Benz DB 601
Daimler-Benz DB 605

The Armament of the Me 109 - Descriptions and photos of:

Guns and Cannons

"Me 109" Projects - Descriptions and histories. One plan of Me 309.

Bf 109 V-21
Bf 109 X
Me 209
Me 309
Bf 109 Z
Bf 109 TL
Me P. 1091

Assembly Sets for the Me 109 G and K - Description.

RI through RVIII
Adaption Set AS
Assembly Set "trop"

Gallery - Photos of different variants.

Bf 109B - 1 b&w
Bf 109C - 1 b&w
Bf 109C-1 - 1 b&w
Bf 109D-1 - 1 b&w
Bf 109E - 5 b&w, 1 color
Bf 109E-1 - 1 b&w
Bf 109E-3 - 12 color (Deutsches Museum, Munich)
Bf 109E-3/B - 1 b&w
Bf 109E-4 - 2 b&w
Bf 109E-7 - 2 b&w
Bf 109E-7 - 6 color (restoration at the Fighter Factory, Suffolk, Virginia)
Bf 109F - 1 b&w
Bf 109F-2 Galland replica - 1 color (Australia)
Bf 109F-4 - 2 b&w
Bf 109F-4/trop - 18 color (Canada Aviation Museum)
Bf 109F-6 - 1 b&w
Bf 109G - 2 b&w
Bf 109G-2 - 7 color (Luftwaffenmuseum Berlin-Gatow) (with brief history)
Bf 109G-2 - 4 color (Luftwaffenmuseum Hannover-Laatzen)
Bf 109G-2 - 14 color (Messerschmitt-Foundation, pictured at Oberschleißheim)
Bf 109G-4 - 8 color (Technikmuseum Speyer)
Bf 109G-6 - 4 b&w
Bf 109G-6 (FM+BB) - 18 color (Messerschmitt-Foundation, Messerschmitt Stiftung)
Bf 109G-6 - 2 color (Auto Technik Museums Sinsheim)
Bf 109G-6/R-6 - 1 b&w
Bf 109G-6/Y (MT-507) - 1 color (Central Finland Aviation Museum)
Bf 109G-10 - 2 b&w
Bf 109G-10 (black 2) - 17 color
Bf 109G-10 - 1 color (Evergreen Aviation Museum, Oregon)
Bf 109G10/R2 - 1 color
Bf 109G-12 - 1 b&w
Bf 109G-14 - 1 b&w
Bf 109K-4

Unit Organisation of the Luftwaffe - Descriptions and aircraft markings.


Asse auf der Me 109 - In German, biographies with photos of the following aces:

Wilhelm Balthasar
Heinz Bär
Gerhard Barkhorn
Wilhelm Batz
Gyorgy Debrody
Georg-Peter Eder
Adolf Galland
Gordon M. Gollob
Hermann Graf
Alfred Grislawski
Anton Hafner
Erich Hartmann
Dietrich Hrabak
Otto Kittel
Günther Lützow
Hans-Joachim Marseille
Werner Mölders
Joachim Müncheberg
Walter Nowotny
Günther Rall
Erich Rudorffer
Hans-Arnold Stahlschmidt
Johannes Steinhoff
Hannes Trautloft
Franz vom Werra
Helmut Wick
Johannes Wiese
Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke

Surviving Bf 109 - Brief histories, some with photos or links thereto.

Flying Bf 109

Bf 109 E-7 (Santa Monica, California/USA)
Bf 109 G-6 "FM + BB" (Messerschmitt-Stiftung/Germany)
Bf 109 G-10 "black 2"(Messerschmitt-Stiftung/Germany)

Static Display

Bf 109 E-3 (Munich/Germany)
Bf 109 E-3 (Duxford/England)
Bf 109 E-3 (Dübendorf/Switzerland)
Bf 109 E-3b (Hendon/England)
Bf 109 E-3 (Johannesburg/Southafrica)
Bf 109 E-4 (Mesa, Arizona/USA)
Bf 109 F-2/trop (Johannesburg/Southafrika)
Bf 109 F-4/trop. (Canada Aviation Museum, Ottawa/Canada)
Bf 109 G-2 (Messerschmitt-Foundation, Manching/Germany)
Bf 109 G-2 (Berlin-Gatow/Germany)
Bf 109 G-2 (Belgrade/Yugoslavia)
Bf 109 G-2 (Hannover-Laatzen/Germany)
Bf 109 G-2/trop. (Hendon/England)
Bf 109 G-4 (actually (2003) at Technik Museum Speyer)
Bf 109 G-5 (Dayton, Ohio/USA)
Bf 109 G-6 (Sinsheim/Germany)
Bf 109 G-6 (Utti/Finland)
Bf 109 G-6/Y (Tikkakoski/Finland)
Bf 109 G-6/R3 (Washington D.C./USA)
Bf 109 G-10 (McMinnville, Oregon/USA)

Restoration Projects

Bf 109 B/V-10a (Oberschleißheim/Munich)
Bf 109 E-1
Bf 109 E-1
Bf 109 E-3 (Berlin/Germany)
Bf 109 E-7
Bf 109 G-1/R2
Bf 109 G-6 (Australia)
Bf 109 G-6 (Australia)
Bf 109 G-6 (Cracow/Poland)


Bf 109 V-7
Bf 109 F-2
Bf 109 G-14/AS (Leipzig/Germany)

Specials - Special articles.

Bf 109 at the IV. International flight meeting at Zurich 1937 - Summary with tables and photos of this air meet a Dübendorf Airbase near Zurich in July 1937 in which 5 Bf 109's participated.

The Bf 109 V-13 breakes the F.A.I. world speed record - Article with photos of the Bf 109V-13 breaking the world speed record on Nov. 11, 1937.

The Blue Squadrons: Spanish volunteers in the Luftwaffe - History and photos for the 5 squadrons, their emblems, their uniforms, and pilots killed or missing in action.

The Ranks of Luftwaffe, RAF and US Airforce - Table of comparable ranks.

Links - 23 links to sites covering aircraft, pilots, units, and general WW II.


Richard T Eger 08-11-2003 12:22 PM

The Warbird Alley website, by Buck Wyndham & Peter Tillson, describes itself as "an online reference source for information about privately-owned, ex-military aircraft." The site address is:

Sections of Luftwaffe interest are:

Aircraft Information, Histories, Links and More - As the section title describes, there are presented for each aircraft brief histories, technical data, a photo, and links to information on where examples of that specific aircraft is currently located.

Focke-Wulf Fw 190

Flug Werke, Gammelsdorf, Germany
Fw 190 Restoration at Flying Tigers Museum, Florida, USA
Texas Air Museum, Rio Hondo, Texas, USA

Messerschmitt Bf-109 - Includes link to a pilot's report.

Dakota Messerschmitts
Flug Werk, Gammelsdorf, Germany

Heinkel He-111 / Casa 2.111

He 111 visits Kingston, Ontario, Canada (Commerative Air Force)

Fieseler Fi156 Storch

CAF Ghost Squadron -- Fi 156 Storch, Texas
John's Slepcev Storch Project - Canada, Australia, China, Italy
USAF Museum Storch, Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio

Junkers Ju 52/3m

CAF Great Lakes Wing Ju 52, N352JU, near Chicago, Illinois
Ju-Air, Dubendorf, Switzerland

Messerschmitt Bf 108 Taifun - Includes link to Bf 108 flight report.

Messerschmitt Me-262

Planes of Fame, Chino, California
Me 262 Project, Everett, Wasington

Note, while I have only listed where information on specific aircraft are located, other, more general, information is also offered via links.

Warbird Restoration and Maintenance Links - Links to about 30 restoration shop sites.

Warbird Organizations - Links to about 50 organizations.

Museums - Links to museum sites around the world.

Airshow Links - About 25 listed.

Additional Warbird Links - Very good selection of links on the following topic areas:

Databases and History Resources
Archaeology and Collector's Resources
Books / Manuals / Magazines / Webzines / Videos
Photo Archives
Aviation Art
Pilot Supplies / Clothing / Flight Gear
Warbird Aircraft Acquisition Sources

Warbird News - A monthly update on warbirds news.


Richard T Eger 04-03-2004 01:41 PM

The following information is in references to the website The Hanns Klemm Homepage, by Horst Zoeller.

From within a thread on 12 O'Clock High!:

Tony Jones
Re: H. Klemm Homepage & Horst Zoeller
Wed Mar 24 19:25:30 2004

Go to

When into the site go down to "German Aviation History" click on this and then select Klemm

(Per Tony's guidance, this site is found through first going to Horst Zoeller's "The Hugo Junkers Homepage" site. The site appears to be of 1998 vintage and doesn't appear to have been updated since. The Homepage notes the following site contents:


Hanns Klemm's Biography

Development of Klemm Flugzeugbau

Who is who at Klemm?

Klemm Aircraft Types - very detailed listing with histories and technical data

Remaining Klemm Aircraft - listing of remaining Klemm aircraft in:

- Germany
- Austria
- Luxembourg
- England
- Iceland
- Finland
- Australia
- Sweden
- Denmark
- Netherlands
- Switzerland
- Portugal

Links to other servers

Klemm Literature + Books

Links to Klemm related Pages

Klemm KL107 Hompage (photos of remaining KL107 aircraft)

Klemm Books & References - reference to 3 books


Richard T Eger 04-11-2004 12:36 PM

Posted: 10 April 2004 15:48


You might reach my Klemm Page also with the direct link

Best, Horst

Richard T Eger 09-06-2004 12:53 PM

From 12 O'Clock High!:

Marcus Wendel
[email protected]
Sat Aug 28, 2004 10:40

I'm compiling information on museums with Axis WW2 equipment on my site, the Axis History Factbook at , and I'd appreciate any help with additions (text or photos) or corrections to the material.

The museums section can be found at


[email protected]

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