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Jaap Woortman 07-18-2000 11:56 AM

Dear friends,

At website I have found a nice survey of archives in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The site is equipped for genealogy, but it looks like a good start for Luftwaffe research in these countries.


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Jaap Woortman 11-25-2000 03:05 PM

In a brochure of the Russian Union of Historians of 1993 I found the following article.

The materials of the Russian Archives on the Second World War

The significan amount of materials on the history of wars are deposited both in State historical archives(the archives subordinated to the State Archive Service attached to the Government of Russian Federation) and in acting Department's Archives.

The State Archive Service(The Russian Archive).
103132 Moscow, Iliynka St., Bld.12. The Head of the Service - the chief archivist of Russia, Prof. Pihoja Rudolf Germanovitch, tel. 206-37-70, fax.(095)200-42-05. The Deputies: Tuneev Vladimir Alexandrovitch (206-23-23), Kozlov Vladimir Petrovitch (206-23-26).

One can find the materials on war in the following archives and documentary centers:
The Center for Conservation of Modern Documentation(CGMD, former Central Committee CPSU Archive).
103132 Moscow, Iliynka St., Bld.12. Acting director - Procopenko Anatolly Stepanovitch, te. 206-23-21; secretariat - 206-21-28. The Center cocentrated materials of the Secretariat and departments of the Central Committee CPSU, basically after 1953, but concerning some problems - for the preceding period.

The Russian Center for the Conservation and Study of Documents on Contemporart History.
(RCCSDCH, the former Central Party Archive).
103821 Moscow, Pushkinskaja St., Bld.15. Director - Doctor Anderson Kirill Mikhailovitch, tel. 229-97-26; deputy director - Naumov Oleg Vladimirovitch - 200-51-42. The Center possess the materials of the Central Committee CPSU(Secretariat, Departments, personnel funds), of the Communist parties in the other countries, of the leaders of international communist and labor movement, Comintern, Profintern, the State Defence Council etc. before 1953. Some important documents - those of Pilotbureau and the number of other organizations - are concentrated in the President's Archive RF and are lible to transfer to RCCSDCH(the documents before 1953) and CGMD(after 1953).

The State Archive of the Russian Federation united the former Central State Archive of October Revolution and the Central State Archive of RF.
119817 GSP, Moscow, G-435, Bolshaja Pirogovskaja St., Bld.17. The Director - Mironenko Sergey Grigorievitch, tel. 222-12-87; secretariat - 245-19-25. The archive possess the materials of the Councel of people's Commissars, Councel of Ministers, of the Central Poeple's Commissariats and Ministris of public and other organizations, certain part of the Poeple's Commissariats of Intrnal Affairs, the Poeple's Committee of State Security.

The Russian State Economy Archive(RSEA), the former Central State Archive of National Economy.
119817 Moscow, Bolshaja Pirogovskaja St., Bld.17. The Director - Turina Elena Alexandrovna, tel.246-48-56, 245-26-64. The Archive possess the materials of People's Commissariats responsivle for the economy, including the documents on Lend-Lease.

The Russian State Military Archive(the former Central State Soviet Army Archive).
117212 Moscow, Admiral Makarov St., Bld.29. The Director - Zaporozhchenko Victor Fedorovitch, tel.159-8-39; deputy director - Dvoinykh Ludmila Vasilievna (159-98-61). The Archive possess the materials of the Poeple's Commissariat of Defence, of the General Staff, of the Military districts, of military judicial office, of the Soviet Army units, including escort and internal troops before June 22, 1941; for the escort troops before 1945, sometimes before 1950; the collection of Western Ukraine and Western Byelorussia campaign of 1939, the Finland Campaign of 1939-1940, the plans of bringing troops to the Baltics, and also the materials on USSR foreign policy that were sent to the Commissar of Defence during the prewar years.

The Center for the Conservation of Historical and Documentary Collections ( the former Special Archive).
125212 Moscow, Vyborgskaja St., Bld.3. The Director - Bondarov Victor Nikolaevitch, tel.159-73-83. The Archive contains the captured fu

Richard T Eger 11-25-2000 07:14 PM

Dear Jaap,

Thanks for taking the time to transcribe this large document for us. This looks like an overview, like the outer layer of the onion. We will need to peel the layers back to find out where information regarding the Luftwaffe is stored. Perhaps your efforts to gain further knowledge regarding the archives at Podolsk will bear fruit. Good luck.


Richard T Eger 04-30-2005 01:36 PM

From 12 O'Clock High!:

April 29th, 2005, 02:13 PM
John Beaman
Russian (Soviet) archives question


I DO NOT want to start a flame war, so please don't. However, over the past years I have seen conflicting postings on the state of Russian archives on the VVS operations. I am curious if anyone can objectively comment of what condition they are in? By this I mean are they located in places one can enter and do research, are they organized with card or fiche indexes, etc.? And, how difficult is it to get into them? Assuming you can get in are they in a reasonably organized state?

I have done work on the US NARA archives, NASM at Silver Hill and Ultra decripts. While none is just laying around for one to discover, they are reasonably well organized and not too difficult to get access to. So, I am curious as to the true state of Russian archives?


Richard T Eger 04-30-2005 01:37 PM

From TOCH!:

April 29th, 2005, 07:03 PM
Re: Russian (Soviet) archives question


Hello John,

I do not wish to cause you any frustration, but I hope you will find something at this site:

and additional information here:


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