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  1. Tunnel and Shelter Researching, by Harald Faeth
  2. Sturmgruppe IV / JG 3
  3. Underground Tunnels at Gablingen, Sheridan Kaserne, Augsburg, & Munich
  4. Third Reich Factbook, by Marcus Wendel
  5. SIG (special interest group) Luftwaffe in Norway
  6. V2 Rocket
  7. Sichtschutzanstrict (camouflage paint) der Do 335, by Michael Ullmann
  8. Sturmvogel, by Jason Long
  9. Wehrmacht Awards and Decorations 1933-1945-1957, by Sebastian Bianchi
  10. The WWII Fighter Gun Debate, by Emmanuel Gustin
  11. World's Military Aircraft 1935-1945 (unknown types, prototypes, projects...)
  12. Small Air Forces Observer (SAFO), newsletter of the Small Air Forces Clearing House
  13. WarBird Photos, by Rod Larson
  14. Warbirds Restoration Resource Group, by Scott Rose
  15. 214th WWII Museum, a WW II sim site with an aircraft history section
  16. WW II Aces Stories, by Christer Bergström and Dariusz Tyminski
  17. World War II magazine
  18. Unreal Aircraft
  19. The V-Missiles of the Third Reich, by Göran Jansson
  20. Signal (and Der Adler) magazine - WW II, by Carlos Diez & Lord Visantain
  21. Stragglers, by Daniel Petterzon
  22. Die Wiener Flaktürme (The Viennese Flak Towers)
  23. ww2images.com, by Mark Postlethwaite GAvA and his wife Asia
  24. World War 2 Warbirds, by Frans Bonné
  25. Unusual Technical Images of Equipment Used in World War II, by Steve Johnson
  26. VirtuaaliLentoLaivue Icebreakers, by Jukka Kauppinen
  27. The Story of Stalag Luft III
  28. Traditionsgemeinschaft Jagdgeschwader 52 & Luftwaffen -JG52- Museum e.V.
  29. St. Petersburg's Treasure Hunter
  30. Schlachtflieger.de
  31. Thomas Genth's aviation page
  32. World War II Pilots Group
  33. World War II - Prisoners of War - Stalag Luft I, by Mary Smith and Barbara Williams
  34. Sven Ortmann´s hot tip aircraft, by Sven Ortmann
  35. Soviet Women Pilots in the Great Patriotic War
  36. YUModelClub
  37. The War Room, by Dennis 'Dan' Burke
  38. Svensk Flygplanshistorik (Swedish Aircraft Historical Review)
  39. 6 Group RCAF combat reports
  40. The World at War, by Soren Swigart and Axel Schudak
  41. The World War Two Memories Project
  42. What If - The way it could have been, by T. Choy, M. Fordham, W. Waddell, & P. Dahl
  43. WWII Fallschirmjäger Militaria
  44. Yankee44, by Ron Putz
  45. WWII Militaria, Personal Collection of Richard P. White
  46. SOLDAT FHQ museum quality German WW II military replicas & books
  47. Ulrich Steinhilper
  48. Staffelhistorie der Ergänz.-Jagdgruppe Ost
  49. Sea-Tech Exploration, by Steven Carmichael-Timson & Adam Wilson
  50. 340Squadron.fr.st
  51. World WarII day by day, by Christoph Awender
  52. World War II Battles, by Artur G.
  53. Wargame.Com
  54. tomlagarto's Community Page
  55. Victory list of 146 GIAP/PVO 1941-1944, by V. Antipov & C. Bergstrom
  56. Third Reich in Ruins, by Geoff Walden
  57. Selected Missions of the 20th.FG
  58. SynchroLite & UniCopter (ref. Fl 282), by Dave Jackson
  59. Sky Corner - Virtual Aviation Reference
  60. Segelflug-Oldtimer
  61. VILLACIDRO: UN PO' DI STORIA, by Ignazio Fanni
  62. waffenHQ.de ........ die Welt der Waffen, by Sebastian Böhm
  63. YuAirWar
  64. S.O.A.R. - Society of Aircraft Restoration, by C. H. Geier
  65. virtualpilots.fi: Sotahistoriaa
  66. Web-Birds.Com, by Jim Sterling
  67. Weisse Eins Website (White 1 - A Rare Fw 190F-8 Flies Again)
  68. WWII Air War over the North discussion forum, by Andreas Brekken
  69. 315 Polish Fighter Squadron "City of Deblin', by Wilhelm Ratuszynski
  70. Soviet Fighter Tactics, by Luthier
  71. Warbird Parts and Memorabilia
  72. The United States Army Air Forces in W.W.II
  73. Wings on the Web, by Gary Hethcoat
  74. World War II Aircraft, by Chris
  75. The World War II Picture of the Day
  76. White 1, A Rare Fw 190F-8 Flies Again
  77. SGLO (Studie Groep Lucht Oorlog), also known as Dutch Airwar Study Group 1939-1945
  78. Slaker's Flight Journal
  79. The Sinews of War: Economics, Production and Logistics during the Second World War, by Jason Long
  80. The Walter Rocket Motor Site, by Shamus Redden
  81. 34th Photo Reconnaissance Squadron
  82. VirtuaaliLentoLaivue Icebreakers, by Jukka Kauppinen - 2
  83. Warbird Alley, by Buck Wyndham & Peter Tillson
  84. uboat.net, The U-boat War 1939-1945, by Guðmundur Helgason
  85. Ukrainian Insurgent Army
  86. Suicide Wing–Rammkommando "ELBE"–The last Operation of the Luftwaffe, F. Marktscheffel rev
  87. 743rd Railway Operating Battalion
  88. World War 2 : 350 (Belgian) Squadron, by Serge Bonge
  89. The Strange Mechanism Museum - Neo -, by Akira Sahara
  90. Wings over Wick
  91. SIG (special interest group) Luftwaffe in Norway - 2
  92. Die Träger des Ritterkreuzes des Eisernen Kreuzes 1939 - 1945, by Andreas Düfel
  93. 384th Bomb Group (H), by Marc Poole
  94. 20th Century History, with Jennifer Rosenberg
  95. SCHWALBE - Technical Infomation About The Me 262 Jet Fighter, by Roger Gaemperle
  96. ShoeBox Photos of the Berkshires, by Christy Butler
  97. The 3rd Armored Division History Website
  98. Unternehmen Moewe, by Bo Stahlbrandt
  99. 12 O'Clock High! - Luftwaffe, by Ruy Horta
  100. 20,000 Volkslieder, German & other Folk Songs, Genealogy, Ahnenforschung..., by Frank Petersohn
  101. The 379th Bomb Group
  102. World War II (Guide to) Air Power, by Daniel Green
  103. Wekusta, by Andrew Mitchell
  104. Stalingrad Military-Historical Club
  105. Vidar’s Jan Mayen Page, by Vidar T.
  106. WorldWide Militaria Exchange
  107. Storico dell'Aeronautica Militare (Historian of the Italian Air Force)
  108. World War II Relics
  109. WorldWAr2.ro - Romanian Armed Forces in the Second World War, by Dragos Pusca & Victor Nitu
  110. Warlordimi's website
  111. Tarrif.net
  112. WW-II Allied Aircraft Crashes in The Netherlands