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  1. MAKETORAMA - Serbian & Yugoslav Air Force Markings
  2. Me 163B Komet
  3. Me 262 Werknummern & Losses
  4. Piloten Bunker 1939-45, by Frost
  5. Messerschmitt Websites
  6. Museum of the Air Battle Over Krusnohori on 11th Sept. 1944 in Kovarska, Czech Repub.
  7. The Nurflügel Page, by Douglas Bullard
  8. RIJO: Independent Research On Contemporary History
  9. The Messerschmitt Bf 109K-4, files created by Michael "pritzl" Albert
  10. Prazsky letecky archiv (PLA)
  11. Maritime Disasters of World War II, compiled by George R. Duncan
  12. Old Junkers Aircraft, by Christoph Vernaleken
  13. Russian Aviation Museum, by Alexandre Savine
  14. Military aviation, Swedish and worldwide, by Urban
  15. Pauke, Pauke! - The German Night Fighters Resource Page, by Lorenz Bärmann
  16. Rhönflug Oldtimer Segelflugclub Wasserkuppe Rhön e. V.
  17. Militaria Collection, by Chris Boonzaier
  18. Normandy Association for the Air Rememberance 39/45 (A.N.S.A 39/45)
  19. The Pedro Freitas Luftwaffe Internet Museum and Information Resource
  20. Radek's Czech Aviation Page, by Radek Adamec
  21. OMEGA-Diskus™ VTOL-Luftfahrttechnik
  22. Messerschmitt Bf 109, by Jon Gant
  23. Messerschmitt Me 109 G, by Carlos L. Lievens
  24. Messerschmitt Bf 109, by Andreas Goldmann
  25. The Messerschmitt Bf 109, by Rüdiger Jaensch
  26. The Picture Page, by Rüdiger Jaensch
  27. Mach 2, by Sergio Luis dos Santos
  28. The 109 lair
  29. Radar World, by Martin Hollmann
  30. The Radar Pages, by Dick Barrett
  31. The Phoenix Foundation National WW2 Living History Museum
  32. Rick's Music Pages, by Richard Kopp
  33. Ray's Home Page X-4 Missile and More, by Raymond R. Corridon
  34. Sen-Lt Mikhail Devyatayev biography
  35. The Mule Index, by P. Willowood
  36. Rune's Modelpages, by Rune Haugen
  37. The Russian Ammunition Page
  38. On Camouflaged Wings, by Paul F. Straney
  39. Northolt Wing - 1st Polish Fighter Wing RAF
  40. Manion's International Auction - militaria
  41. The Ruptured Duck - militaria
  42. www.photosammler.de, by Robert Noss
  43. Marek's Homepage, by Marek Lewszyk
  44. MOTO BENDE online, by Dirk Bende
  45. Military Timepieces, by Konrad Knirim
  46. Rob Davis's Home Page
  47. Major General Harold E. Watson: Intelligence Pioneer, Air Force Warrior
  48. The 109 Place, by Tom Zuijdwegt
  49. Planes and Pilots of World War II, by Corey C. Jordan
  50. Military Aviation in Sweden - Aircraft Gallery, by Jonathan & Lars Henriksson
  51. RLM-Farben
  52. The Normandy Campaign 1944, by Niklas Zetterling
  53. The Page of the Dead, by E. J. Noomen and Androom Software
  54. Ritterkreuz mit Eichenlaub und Schwertern, by Forian Berger
  55. 9. U-boot Flotille Brest, by S. Gaertner
  56. Oronzos Page of National/Military Music From the 1920s-1930s WW I - WW2
  57. Orange Tails, by Jerry D. Jones
  58. Nachtjagdgeschwader 1, by Cynrik De Decker, Wim Govaerts, & Jean-Louis Roba
  59. Portal Militar: Comunidad dedicada al estudio de la Historia Militar
  60. Mauser MG 151
  61. Polish Medals and Militaria, by A. Mongeon
  62. The Nazi UFO Mythos, by Kevin McClure
  63. Maik's Imperium - Maik Swoboda's Welt im Web
  64. REIMAHG (Underground Factory at Kahla), by Patrick Brion & Ronny Beuckmann
  65. Prinz Eugen dot com, by David Krakow
  66. The 100th Infantry Division, by Jim Anderson
  67. Nachtjagd claims database, by Anders Näslund
  68. Plane Wrecks
  69. The Romanian Royal Aeronautics in WWII, by Victor Nitu
  70. mechanical engineering magazine online - article: Anselm Franz and the Jumo 004
  71. NJG Forum
  72. POW websites
  73. RLM Numbered Paint and Camouflage Application
  74. Neubiberg: Then and Now
  75. Nadace Letecké historické spoleènosti (LHS) Vyškov
  76. Brigadier General Robert L. “Bob” Cardenas
  77. Messerschmitt Bf 109 T: Die Jäger der »Graf Zeppelin«, by Francis L. Marshall
  78. MT-Propeller (source for propellers)
  79. Operation Market Garden, by Rene Swankhuizen
  80. 1000AIRCRAFTPHOTOS.COM, by Ron Dupas
  81. Official Website of the Society of the 3rd Infantry Division, U. S. Army
  82. MundoMilitaria Onlineshop
  83. Das Ritterkreuz
  84. das-ritterkreuz.de, by Andreas Düfel
  85. Post-war military aviation, by Vic Flintham (Enigma/Lorenz bombing raid)
  86. Polish Squadrons Remembered, edited by Wilhelm Ratuszynski
  87. The Me 262 and the Race to Mach 1, by Guido Mutke
  88. The Nanton Lancaster Society Air Museum
  89. The 109 Drawing Site, by Andy Barnett
  90. Orders and Decorations of the Third Reich, by Lukasz Gaszewski
  91. Maple Leaf Up, by Geoff Winnington-Ball
  92. Phonetic Alphabets (Alpha Bravo etc), by Brian Kelk
  93. MUNAVIA-21.org, by Dan Gilberti
  94. Panzermuseum.Com: Documents of the Third Reich, by Mike Hicks
  95. Plane crashes World War II Saarland and neighboring areas, by Klaus Zimmer
  96. RAFIGER's little Il-2 & Forgotten Battles Page, by Ralf Manfred Jung
  97. Declassified Documents Released to NARA, by National Security Agency (NSA)/Central Security Services
  98. Ring's P.R.O. Documents Research Page, by Ring, Smallwoy, Chully, Fuller 617, et. al.
  99. RBF Military Forum, moderated by Scott Fraser
  100. Die Ritterkreuzträger der Deutschen Wehrmacht und Waffen-SS, 1939 - 1945, by Mehlenberg & Balsam
  101. Memorial Flight