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  1. Funkbase website and Fl. number books, by Dr.Ing. Peter Aichner
  2. The Henrik Teller Military Museums Homepage.
  3. Focke Wulf Websites
  4. German Flying Disks
  5. FeldGrau.com, A German military history research site 1919-1945, by Jason Pipes
  6. Huib's Aviation Books and Flying Wings Page, by Huib Ottens
  7. History of the Bulgarian Military Aviation
  8. German Fallschirmjäger 1936-1945, by Greg Way
  9. Gloster Gladiator, by Alex Crawford
  10. Finnish Air Force Aircraft in the World War Two, by Pentti Perttula
  11. FW190D-9 Page, by Bury
  12. Flug Werk GmbH Germany
  13. Falcon's Messerschmitt Bf-109 Hangar, by FalcoN
  14. Imperial Japanese Aviation Resource Group, by Scott Rose
  15. Homage to Lilo, Heinz Knoke's website, by Franck Ruffino
  16. The German “Luftwaffe” Units in Romania and their Fieldpost Numbers (1940-1944)
  17. Italian Air Force Discussion Group
  18. Finnish Air Force Almost in Service 1935-1945
  19. German Aviation 1919 - 1945, by Lennart Nilsson
  20. "The Flightline" WW II Aviation Archive, by T. C. Kenny
  21. Geheimprojeckte.at (Secret Projects), by Markus Schmitzberger
  22. Festung Norwegen, by Kurt Monsen
  23. Fokker G-1.
  24. flaktuerme.com: Flak Towers and Strongholds, by Oliver Kupke
  25. The Great Planes: A source about WWII Aviation, by Taglia
  26. EADS: European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company
  27. Das Geheimnis der Nazi-Flugscheibe, by Werner Walter, magazin2000plus
  28. Greg Goebel's VectorSite
  29. Horrido! - The Luftwaffe Research Website, by James Yeowell
  30. Hikoki: 1946, by Edwin M. Dyer, III
  31. German WWII Ordnance Codes, by Bryan Brown
  32. Galland's Luftwaffe, by Mark Griffin
  33. Encyclopedia Astronautica, by Mark Wade
  34. Focke-wulf Fw190D-9, by Bryan Bury
  35. The flag-history of Germany/German Empire
  36. Hornisse! - The Messerschmitt Me 410 resource page , by Lorenz Bärmann & Max Winkler
  37. The History of Bismarck and Tirpitz, by John Asmussen
  38. Fighter Pilot Aces List, by Al Bowers and David Lednicer
  39. Fliegerhorste
  40. German Secret Weapons of WWII and the Nazi UFO Connection, by Maurizio Verga
  41. 429 sqn RCAF Research site, by Greg Kopchuk
  42. Fleet Air Arm Archive 1939-1945
  43. IPMS Stockholm
  44. Gianmaria Spagnoletti’s Website
  45. German Naval History, by Michael Emmerich
  46. The Hellmuth Walter Website, by Shamus Reddin
  47. Il-2 Sturmovik Planes Database
  48. The Finnish Air Force, FAF, A Historical Review, by Lt Gen (FAF ret) Heikki Nikunen
  49. HL Ebooks - Firearms Technical and Historical Site
  50. Hungarian Air Force, by Tadeusz P. Dobrowiecki
  51. Elite Forces of the Third Reich 1933 - 1945
  52. German Prisoners of War in Britain, by Pamela Taylor
  53. Henschel 129
  54. Hermann Graf & Alfred Grislawski, by Christer Bergström & Vlad Antipov
  55. Emmanuel Gustin's Aviation History Page
  56. Eagle Editions Ltd., by Jerry Crandall
  57. Experten, by Pablo Chana Garcia
  58. Home of JV44, Both Real & Fighter Ace, by Donald Granger
  59. Geheimen Projekten der deutschen Luftwaffe
  60. Focke Wulf 189 Restoration Society
  61. Elevon - Aviation on the Internet, by Carl Pettypiece (formerly by Emmanuel Gustin)
  62. Eagles over Norway, By Andreas Brekken
  63. German Airships In WW II, by Stanislav Fuodoroff
  64. German Militaria & Collectables, by Mark Sansom
  65. Flight Journal magazine
  66. FAF: Finnish Air Force, by Matti Yrjölä
  67. Heinz Ewald »ESAU« - Jagdflieger im Jagdgeschwader 52: 1943-1945
  68. Gliederung des JG54 Grünherz
  69. Die Entwicklung der Focke Wulf FW 190/Ta 152
  70. Index of /~mcgrew/wwii/usaf
  71. The Falco and Regia Aeronautica in the Battle of Britain
  72. Funkcodes des Geschwaders
  73. Go2War2
  74. The German codes, by Patrice Colmant
  75. German VTO and Helicopter Projects of WW II, by Gary Webster
  76. Givors bombardée, by Evelyne Py
  77. IL2 Sturmovik Technika
  78. Histavia-21, by Dan Gilberti
  79. Emmanuel Gustin's Aviation History Page
  80. Förderverein Bücker-Museum Rangsdorf e.V.
  81. 467th Bombardment Group (H) Online Archive, by Andy Wilkinson
  82. 467 Bombardment Group (H), by Bob and Ralph Davis
  83. The 489th Bombardment Squadron in Corsica, by Don Kaiser
  84. German Night Fighter War 1939-1945
  85. Fighter Planes, by Werner Bergmans
  86. Hermann Graf & Alfred Grislawski, by Christer Bergström & Vlad Antipov - 2
  87. Frederiksen & Balle family site - article: DB 605 engine
  88. Fighters of WWII
  89. Google Image Search
  90. Finnish Virtual Pilots Association website
  91. IPMS Toronto
  92. Isao Dakeshita's website on aircraft pieces and fragments
  93. It's All about Warfare, by Butch2K
  94. Historie Messerschmittu Bf 109
  95. I Gruppe Jagdgeschwader 53 (I./JG53 "PikAs")
  96. Fred J. Ascani, Maj. Gen. (USAF, Retired)
  97. Fieseler FI 156 STORCH CD ROM modelers archive, by Nenad Miklusev
  98. F5AVIPATCHES - Aviation Patches, by Gianluca Briggioti
  99. Festung Kolberg 1945
  100. Graves of World War II personalities, by E.J. Noomen
  101. Hermann Graf & Alfred Grislawski, by Christer Bergström & Vlad Antipov - 3
  102. Experten Decals
  103. H-German Archive Information
  104. Ioannis & Angelos Mansolas Home Page
  105. Hermann Graf & Alfred Grislawski, by Christer Bergström & Vlad Antipov - 4
  106. The Irony of War, by Pete Daggett
  107. The Hawker Tempest Page, by Christer Landberg
  108. Flieger-Lynchmorde im Zweiten Weltkrieg (Flier lynching murders in the Second World War)
  109. The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR), by Pat Thrasher
  110. Hermann Graf & Alfred Grislawski, by Christer Bergström & Vlad Antipov - 5
  111. History of Ireland: 1932 - 1945: The Economic War and the Second World War
  112. The Flight of Rudolf Hess, Mysteries of Warfare, Pharo.Com
  113. The Great Planes: A source about WW II Aviation, by Taglia
  114. The Hanns Klemm Homepage, by Horst Zoeller
  115. IPMS Racing & Record Aircraft Special Interest Group -Anders Brunn, Peter Rivers, Keith Davidson
  116. Historical Revisionism – International and Independent Scientific Historical Research
  117. Flugzeugabstürze Zweiter Weltkrieg Saarland und Umgebung, by Klaus Zimmer
  118. Hermann Graf & Alfred Grislawski, by Christer Bergström & Vlad Antipov - 6
  119. GYGES Pub. Co. website - Luftnachrichten Dienst related organization, facilities and equipment
  120. Fliegerhorst Sandhofen / Coleman Barracks, by Dirk Schultz
  122. Fighter Tactics Academy, by Jarmo Lindberg
  123. Engineer Veteran News and Information (for info on Engineer Aviation Battalions - ETO)
  124. GYGES Pub. Co. website - Luftnachrichten Dienst related organization, facilities and equipment - 2
  125. HyperWar: A Hypertext History of the Second World War, by Patrick Clancey
  126. Ghost Bombers, by Nick Beale